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2011 | Poodles van Klein-Nulland,
Welcome at Poodles van Klein Nulland

Thank you for visiting Poodles van Klein-Nulland.

The world of poodles has no mystery's for me. In my 30 years of experience I have learned that there is only one good way to breed a healthy, sportive, outgoing and sweet poodle. And that way is : breeding with all your heart.

Sure you have to keep an open mind considering new developments. There are new tests that one can use so you know that the parents  are free of any hereditary diseases. This make's breeding not easier but safer. Our variety of poodles are genetic tested for the following shortcomings :  PRCD PRA dna-test ; Regular eye exam for all other eye diseases such as cataract, entropion, ectropion ; patella luxation. But all these tests are no garantee that a poodle will never be ill. This because a poodle still is a living creature. It is a garantee that I did everthing  to my ability to breed a healthy poodle.

There are also opinions that proclaim that showing is not in the interest of my breed. But I resent this strongly. A good judge looks beyond that thick show coat. He looks at the complete picture. So show result ARE important, don't be misled. 

Please take a look at my homepage, look at the puppie page, and the show result page. But pleaser consider ; every new owner has to visit me, so I can decide if there is a "click" between the new owner, the puppie and me.We don`t have kennels all our dogs lives with us in the family.

Gerda Janssen de Kock